DJ Tunez started off by listening to his father’s vast collection of Afro music. From the beginning he was captivated by how it affected people and evoked different emotions. Brought up in a household with both African and Caribbean influences, he was exposed to a multitude of music genres. Raised in the culturally diverse borough of Brooklyn, NY; he became infatuated with music in general listening to Afrobeat, Hip Hop, R&B, Pop, Reggae, Soca, Rock, Funk, Jazz, Blues and much more. Music became a way to escape the sometimes harsh environment in which he lived. At the age of 11 he learned how to play the drums, ultimately playing for the church band. It was at this time where he would learn how to mix music accompanying his father to different church events where he would bring speakers and play music. He would later go on to DJ at churches as well as other small events on his own. This hobby was cultivated for years and his skill started to manifest. Word of his skill started to circulate. As of today, he has toured the east coast performing at events from Atlanta to New England. From sell out events at Amazura Concert Hall to private international destination events. DJ Tunez simply gets the job done. He has built a résumé for himself and his growing brand is a testament to this. DJ Tunez takes his listeners on a journey from the beginning to the end. Taking you from one continent to the next with seamless transitions. You can catch him at any event spinning the music that educes his audience to display the new infectious dances sweeping Europe, Africa, The Caribbean and the United States. When he’s not performing in night clubs or private events DJ Tunez can be found in the studio collaborating with different national/international artists to produce a sound that is becoming undeniably more popular.


 DJ Tunez has worked and collaborated with: 
Chris Martin
P Squared
Lil Kim
Busy Signal
Tekno Miles
Ice Prince
2 Face